Rice Cooker – Is it an Essential Home Appliance?

People living in western countries are not usually fan of rice. However, if you are Asian or influenced by the Asian culture, you would consider this as your staple food. Therefore, it is important that you cook it perfectly and consistently since you can never fulfill your appetite unless you eat any kind of viand with rice. If this is part of your usual meal, then a rice cooker is a must have in your kitchen. home appliances hsr layout

More often than not, if you would cook rice manually, you would end up eating raw or hard rice. On the other hand, if you would just let the electric rice cooker do its job, then you would surely get the best and consistent rice each and every time that you have your meal. These cookers use induction heaters which can distribute the heat evenly on the cooking pan. At the same time, the rice cooker also has an inner lid which helps in cooking the top part of the rice as well. Because of the cooking process, expect the rice to be cooked equally as well. This is something that you cannot easily achieve when using stove-top methods.

Compared to the typical ways of cooking this Asian staple food, the rice cooker would only consume a couple of minutes before the rice becomes ready. And even if you fill the non-stick cooking pan with enough cup of uncooked rice, the time to cook the food remains the same. Therefore, this is an energy-saving appliance that you can use anytime.

With the rice cooker, you can also do other things such as steaming small foods like dumplings and vegetables since it also has a steamer basket. You can also steam your baby’s bottles in here as well and other things that you want to keep sanitary.

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