Purchasing a South Park Pinball Machine

We converted our basement into a workout room and an entertainment center. We have everything from pool to darts to foosball and table tennis. It was only fitting that we added a pinball game. After all, I LOVE pinball. I so quickly get sucked into playing! I love the thrill of the game. (but don’t like playing my husband– he kicks my butt). My 3 year old son and I are more on the same level. Well, maybe my 18 month old.

We were very lucky that my Dad happened to be over when we were discussing the purchase. He loved the idea so much that he offered to buy us a pinball game. (after all, his daughter actually wanted to do something perceived to be masculine) I had no idea what a generous offer it was. Pinball is quite expensive– several thousand dollars for a refurbished one. It was shocking to me. I am sure it was a bit of a shock to him too.

My husband and Dad had to go pick up the machine. (the place we purchased it didn’t deliver) It was very heavy and challenging to carry as it is kind of an awkward size. Also, Carmen (I think it’s Carmen) head sits on top of the machine, so it makes the entire pinball game nearly seven plus feet tall. Once the pinball machine was installed the fun began and it has ever since. You can kill Carmen, meet Mr. Hanky the Xmas poo, and can even enjoy the thrill of multi-ball. Multi-ball is like 5 balls coming out at once. Pinball machines

While I am okay at the flippers, this is often a little too challenging for me. (admittedly, I don’t get the opportunity to do multi ball very often) The language on the machine can get pretty bad, so I am often on the childproof setting. I definitely don’t advise it for children without the filter. (thank god for that handy switch!) Overall, it is great fun and definitely worth the investment. We have had to service the game a few times in the last couple of years for some circuit issues– but again, it is well worth it! Pinball ROCKS! Even though the younger generation loves video games, Pinball is NEVER the same game twice.

There are no patterns to memorize. Instead you get all hand to eye skill coordination. Nothing better than to get one of these machines into your house. You never have to feed it quarters and you get lots of practice. South park is just an OK pinball machine. A better long term enjoyable game is the classic Addams Family pinball machine which is one of the best machines ever made. Get something you like and play it a 10 times before you buy it to make sure it will hold your interest. If the rules are too easy it will wear off faster. The newer games have really deep rules that can be entertaining for a long time.



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