Golden Retriever Puppies – 3 Key Factors For Raising A Healthy Dog

Golden Retriever Puppies are a joy to behold. They are playful, friendly and smart. It is up to you as the leader of the pack to lead your puppy into a healthy adult dog by following some important steps.

Once you have chosen your puppy, you should have a vet checkup. Most breeders include this in the purchase price with a guarantee of good health in their well-bred Golden Retriever puppies. Your vet can perform a complete physical exam and give your puppy the necessary vaccinations for the age of your pup. Responsible breeders will have already given the pups their first shots and wormed them. If this is not the case, your vet can take care of that on your first visit.

Puppies need love, training and good health care. The love part is usually easy. The training should begin when you get your Golden Retriever puppies home. Crate training is advisable to ease the task of potty training. It will give your puppy the security they need as they grow and their own private place when they need it.

Behavior training is next on the list. Basic behavior training is not expensive and well worth your time. It not only will help you teach your Golden Retriever puppies basic commands, but will help the puppy to get socialized. Socialization is vitally important to the well being of your pet and your family. golden retriever puppies colorado

Health care will include a good diet for your puppy. Consult with your veterinarian as to the best commercially prepared foods and to other Golden owners to help you choose the right foods. Experienced dog owners may feel comfortable with any diet options they choose. If you are a new pet owner, the basic behavior classes will give you the opportunity to learn many things about proper diet and other aspects of your dogs’ health.

Grooming is part of responsible ownership. The sooner you start, the easier it will be as your puppy grows. Golden retriever puppies have a lot of hair. Brushing your puppy every day will get him used to the handling and the love that comes across as you remove the excess hair. Bathing is good, but not necessary on a weekly basis. They will start to have a doggy odor if you don’t do it once in awhile, but use your judgment and bathe every couple of weeks. This will also transmit love and attention to your puppy.

Another part of grooming is the teeth. There are toothbrushes designed for dogs and toothpaste with meaty flavors. If you start early you can prevent a lot of cum and tooth problems that can occur as your dog ages. Next would be the nails. You can use a guillotine type cutter or a motorized sanding tool to keep the nails trim. Do not forget the dew claws on the back of the front legs. If neglected, they can actually grow into the leg.



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