Custom Suits to Fit the Big Men

Custom suits are made with a lot of care and enthusiasm. However, a little mistake on our part can ruin it completely. Here are a few tips to maintain the suits and shirts.

>> When you have worn your suits or shirts to a party, do not forget to use a lint roller. This will remove any traces of dirt, grime, hair or dust that the suit might have gathered during the time it was out.

>> Do not forget to air the custom suits that you have in the sun and plenty of air before putting them inside a trunk to storing them for an entire season. Doing so will remove odors that are caused due to humidity etc. custom suits nj

>> To maintain the shape of the suits or shirts or any clothes, always hang them on a hanger which is padded.

>> Remember to check the clothing such as your custom shirts and trousers properly. If they contain something in them and are left unchecked, the affected area of the attire will bulge out. No amount of ironing can correct the damage and make it as brand new.

>> Do not dry-clean your clothes too often. Since they use harsh chemicals in the laundry, over exposure to such will damage the clothes. Hence, it is imperative that you do so once a year and that is the end of a particular season.

>> There might be a possibility of creases on your custom shirts or suits. In order to rectify that, the best way is to put them on a hanger and put them in your bath room. Have a hot water bath so that the enclosed area can get filled with steam. Let the suit or shirt stand at least for half an hour. Your shirt will be as good as new.

>> This tip is not only for custom suits but for all other kinds of clothing made of delicate fabrics such as linen and silk. If something spills on your clothes by accident, do not remove them with water. Instead, try to brush the spill off and let it dry. Putting them under water will ruin the fabric by staining it permanently.

>> Never store your suits and shirts or other items pertaining to clothing in a plastic bag. These bags do not let the fabric of your custom shirts breathe and helps them to gather mildew as well as moisture in them.

>> Do not separate clothes. This is true for suits or clothes with pairs. There is a very high possibility of one of them losing color thus making it impossible for you to wear them together.



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